Soft skills for employability – English | Soft skills

NEXT LESSON 9 may 2019 AT 10.00 am – SANTA CHIARA LAB

The courses also start again this year for the d evelopment of soft-skills open to all female students and the students of the university. Soft skills are those skills and transversal skills always more requests to work in organizations. These include team building, problem solving, team work, project work, leadership skills, negotiation skills. The organized workshops at Santa Chiara Lab, in the context activities of the Teaching & Learning Center, they are dedicated to development soft skills through active and experiential methods.

Goal of the course
Facilitate the development of skills transversal in the students and in the students of the degree courses; bring students and students together to organizations and businesses of the world of work; let know the methods and tools for working in different organizational contexts.

Learning methods
Experiential methods, case studies, in-depth studies, project work, work in small groups, participatory workshops, simulations.

Maximum number of students

Obligation to attend
Who does not attend at least 80% of the lessons it is automatically excluded from the other “Soft skills” courses


25 january 2019 h 10-18
Soft-skills for employability

11 april 2019 h 10-18
Soft skills for virtual learning environments

9 may 2019 h 10-14
Soft skills for organizational learning

12 june 2019 h 10-18
Soft skills for learning in multicultural contexts

Santa Chiara Lab
Via valdimontone, 1 Siena